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Liberální institut
Liberální institut

Expats.cz: ALL packages sent to Czech Republic from outside the EU to be subject to VAT


“It is totally absurd and uneconomical to require that any small consignment, including one under one dollar, be subject to customs clearance,” Martin Pánek, director of the NGO Liberální institut (Liberal Institute), told local media.

“The work of the parties involved – the consignee, the customs officer, and the postal workers – costs far more than how much VAT is collected on the consignment.”

“Completely removing this boundary makes no sense. Large stores like AliExpress can handle the new situation. However, this is not to be expected from small websites that send a T-shirt and stickers to subscribers for an annual subscription.”

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Martin Pánek je ředitelem Liberálního institutu a bývalým šéfredaktorem Laissez Faire. V minulosti pracoval jako poradce v Evropském parlamentu a je autorem knih Kompletní slepice a Částečná kráva.

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